Logic and accuracy testing and post-election audits are critical parts of administering elections and should be routinely conducted by election jurisdictions throughout the United States. Both ensure election results are accurate, dissuade fraud against electronic voting technology, expose voting system hardware and software errors, and present election boards with the opportunity to rectify current performance shortfalls. Most importantly, logic and accuracy testing and post-election audits provide constituents with greater confidence in the voting process.

This site was created to address the need for consistent and efficient processes and procedures regarding logic and accuracy testing (L&A) and post-election audits. Cuyahoga County staff has spent many hours researching best practices for L&A and post-election audits and even more time putting those practices through the “election gauntlet.” Since 2008, we have completed a post-election audit after each election and have conducted L&A on over 1,849 electronic voting units each year. We are committed to continually improving our processes by trying the new and tweaking the old. Although there is always room for improvement, we feel the procedures and all supporting documents and resources available on this site will serve as useful tools for election jurisdictions throughout the country.

Election jurisdictions can utilize the how-to guide and downloadable spreadsheets available on this site to conduct L&A and/or a post-election audit for the first time or to improve their current procedures. Although this site is catered towards jurisdictions using optical scan ballots it may be beneficial for others as well. This website is divided into three main sections: L&A, Audit, and Audit My Election. The L&A and Audit sections serve as a virtual step-by-step “how-to guide” for each respective process. Election officials will be able to review each process from start to finish, stopping along the way to watch videos, view sample spreadsheets, and examine helpful tips. The Audit My Election section is host to all spreadsheets necessary to conduct your post-election audit. Just download the spreadsheets and follow the instructions.


Look for the light bulb symbol throughout the site for helpful tips and ideas.

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