Cuyahoga Election Audits offers multiple resources for optical scanning election jurisdictions to use for logic and accuracy testing and post-election audits. The following resources will aid election jurisdictions efforts in conducting logic and accuracy testing and post-election auditing. Additionally, Cuyahoga Election Audits offers external resources related to election administration.




Precinct/Polling Location Based Optical Scanner L&A

DS200 L&A Phase 1 Checklist

DS200 L&A Phase 2 Checklist

DS200 Post L&A Checklist

Input Scan Team Checklist

Polling Location Test Deck Expected Results SAMPLE

Team Labels SAMPLE


High Speed Optical Scanner L&A

M650 L&A Checklist

Municipal Test Deck Expected Results SAMPLE

Team Labels SAMPLE

L&A Disk Labels


ADA Voting Unit L&A

AutoMark L&A Checklist


Equipment Maintenance Logs

Handwritten Equipment Maintenance Logs

Equipment Maintenance Log Blank Spreadsheet



Central Count Ballot Scanning Verification Log Sheet SAMPLE

Central Count Ballot Scanning Verification SAMPLE

Labels for Hand Count SAMPLE

Labels for Ballot Scanning

Labels for Ballot Scanning SAMPLE

Election Day Audit SAMPLE

Poll Book Justification SAMPLE

Ballot Reconciliation Primary SAMPLE

Ballot Reconciliation General SAMPLE

Ballot Box Cleanout SAMPLE

Fixed Rate Post-Election Audit SAMPLE

Tiered Post-Election Audit SAMPLE

Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audit SAMPLE

Hand Count Tally Sheet


Audit My Election

Central Count Ballot Scanning Verification Blank Spreadsheet

Election Day Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Poll Book Justification Blank Spreadsheet

Ballot Reconciliation Primary Blank Spreadsheet

Ballot Reconciliation General Blank Spreadsheet

Fixed Rate Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Tiered Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Audit My Election


Links for Election Administration


AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project

Center for Democracy & Election Management (American University)

Citizens for Election Integrity – Minnesota

Election Administration (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

The Election Updates Blog (University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs)

Pew Center on the States Elections Administration

Philip B. Stark, Voting-related (University of California, Berkley)

United States Election Assistance Commission

United States Elections Project (Dr. Michael McDonald, George Mason University)

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