Audit My Election

Audit My Election

This section is host to all spreadsheets necessary to conduct your post-election audit. Follow the instructions on each spreadsheet and only fill in cells that are user definable*. Use the video guides here to aid you while completing each spreadsheet. All spreadsheets were designed to be used with Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer.

Central Count Ballot Scanning Verification Blank Spreadsheet

Election Day Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Poll Book Justification Blank Spreadsheet

Ballot Reconciliation Primary Blank Spreadsheet

Ballot Reconciliation General Blank Spreadsheet

Fixed Rate Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Tiered Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audit Blank Spreadsheet

If you are having trouble downloading/opening the above Excel files or would like to download them all at once you can download the zip file below which contains all the spreadsheets provided individually above. After the zip file is downloaded, unzip the file and open the spreadsheets inside with Excel.

Audit My Election

*Cuyahoga County Board of Elections shall not be held responsible if any spreadsheet becomes damaged or is incorrectly modified by the user in any way which leads to inaccurate and/or incorrect results.

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